Sierra Nevada Raw Goat Cheddar

Sierra Nevada Cheese Co. began producing raw milk goat cheeses in 2008. Thirteen years later, they are considered experts with their extreme safety procedures utilized in making raw milk products. The goat milk comes from the single source dairy owned and operated by the Fumasi family just three miles north of the Sierra Nevada Cheese production facility. In addition, all products are certified Kosher.

Sierra Nevada Cheese Company strives to create the best tasting dairy products by keeping true to their  philosophy: a clean ingredient list, coupled with traditional manufacturing methods. They use only natural, wholesome ingredients and milk and cream from local Northern California producers who guarantee their product is free of synthetic hormones and antibiotics. 

Sierra Nevada Raw Milk Cheddar showcases the complex array of flavors resulting from naturally occurring healthy micro-organisms present in the fresh milk. A 120-day aging process and seasonal variations in raw milk
accentuate a diverse range of flavors.
On the palate, expect a slight tanginess, but less than is characteristic of many goat cheeses.  The extended aging rounds off the flavor profile, leaving a deep cheddar texture and a rich mouthfeel.