Jasper Hill Eligo

Small ruminants like goats and sheep have always been in the long-term vision for Jasper Hill; the new avenues for flavor and texture are an exciting pathway for innovation. Our partnership with Ryan Andrus, who brings loads of goat farming experience to our community, is just what we needed to bring this plan to life. Ryan and his wife, Annie Rowden, purchased a recently defunct dairy in town, naming it after the road that leads to their new home: Bridgman Hill Farm. Eligo, named for a nearby lake, is the first cheese Jasper Hill Creamery has developed to suit their expertly crafted goat milk.

Eligo is a soft, tangy cheese with a subtle, yeasty, and fruity funk - kind of like a domestic Taleggio with some goat's milk added for a musky punch of flavor   

Eligo’s flavors bring out the best in both milk types; buttery richness from the cow milk carries a soft, white pepper spice note and goat aromas. A densely creamy texture is a bit softer beneath the rosy, orange-washed rind, where the flavors are more pronounced.