Inverness is a diminutive button that showcases the flavors of West Marin. Our ode to a tiny coastal town on Tomales Bay is fresh and funky. Inverness is a 2 oz cylinder aged a minimum of two weeks and has a bright, yogurty flavor with a cheesecake-like texture. As the cheese ripens, it becomes softer and more pungent–perfect for spreading on crusty sourdough or crumbling into a salad. 

Inspired by the iconic French St Marcellin, Inverness is made similarly to a soft-ripened goat cheese, but with organic cow’s milk from Cowgirl’s pasture-based, regenerative dairy partner, Bivalve Dairy.   

At a glance, Inverness looks like a goat's milk cheese; the small format and the delicate bloomy rind are more common to chèvre.  The milk is pasteurized, cultured, and left to coagulate slowly over several hours. Stretching out this step allows lactic acid and flavor to build, giving the cheese a Crème-Fraiche tang.

Inside, Inverness has a dense, smooth, bone-colored paste that coats the tongue. It has pleasant cultured-milk aromas, reminiscent of cream cheese or cheesecake, mingled with a mild mushroom scent. 

Pair Inverness with Sauvignon Blanc or other white wine without obvious oak.