Farmstead Sparkling Wine Club - February Allocation

1 raventos i blanc textures de pedra front label

Choose one Organic and Biodynamic Vintage dated Sparkling Wines from Raventos i Blanc:  

Textures de Pedra
Blanc de Negres de la Finca 


A few years back, I travelled to Spain with Valkyrie Selections, and in seven days, visited several producers, including Raventos i Blanc, a world class producer of organic Sparkling wines in Northeastern Spain.  

The Raventós i Blanc estate,  over 220 acres of woodlands and vineyards, was founded in 1497 and has been passed on through the family to the present day.  It was a member of the Raventós family, Josep Raventós Fatjó, who made the first Cava in 1872.

In 1984, on the family estate, Josep-Maria Raventós I Blanc founded the winery as we know it today with a singular focus on achieving the highest quality wines. Today, the father and son team of Manuel and Pepe Raventós (Josep-Maria’s son and grandson) work side by side, continuing the prestigious lineage of this remarkable estate.  

In December 2012, Raventós i Blanc took an important step in its evolution, leaving the Cava DO that they helped to establish and creating a new designation, Conca del Riu Anoia. This small geographical area conveys strict viticultural traditions, the strength of the land, the unique, indigenous grape varieties and the characteristics of the soils.  

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