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Firelli HOT Sauce

Some prefer red pepper flakes, and others go for garlic — true spice-seekers reach for Firelli. This fiery combination of red peppers, balsamic vinegar, Calabrian hot peppers, and dried porcini makes for an elevated hot sauce that answers the call for a balanced-yet-complex level of spiciness.

Hot sauce on pizza seems to be an American habit. One importer’s survey showed that 50 percent of American pizza-eaters used hot sauce. Not all the sauces that wind up on pizza are Italian, but there is a new contender, Casa Firelli, designed for pizza. Like other Italian hot sauces, it’s fueled with combustible Calabrian chiles. It has a gentler kick and deeper complexity than most, so it’s a nice touch on pizza and also worth adding to pasta classics like arrabbiata and puttanesca.

Firelli is medium spicy. Not overwhelmingly hot. but rich & rounded, with a pleasant zing. Made to give a delicious kick to your food. Handcrafted in Parma.  Zero calories, all natural, gluten free, low sodium is perfect for any diet including Keto, Paleo, Low and No Carb – a few splashes will take your meal further.