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Vignalta Herbed Salt

Vignalta herb seasoned sea salt -- there is absolutely no substitute! Use Vignalta herbed sea salt just as you would unseasoned salt in cooking. Vignalta herbed sea salt is pungent, yet subtle, the ideal sea salt for any type of grilled, broiled, boiled or roasted meats. Used sparingly, Vignalta sea salt makes for a simple rub. Vignalta herbed sea salt is the perfect flavor enhancer for potatoes, eggs, seafood, poultry, pasta, sauces, soups & more. Sprinkle a pinch on salads, grilled, sautéed, or steamed vegetables. Vignalta sea salt is an extraordinary flavor enhancer. 

Vignalta Alle Erbe is what every piece of meat should be treated to before cooking. The combination of Sicilian sea salt and fresh wild herbs (rosemary and sage predominantly) growing in front of the Vignalta winery in Italy’s Colli Euganei, together with a little fresh garlic and ground pepper are the “erbe”(herbs to us) in the blend. Since the herbs are added fresh to the salt, their aromatic oils, just like the touch of fresh garlic, are preserved in the salt. Other “herbed” salts use dried herbs, thus having much less flavor.

Once you try Vignalta Sale alle Erbe you’ll wonder how you ever got along before without it. It may also become a staple in your kitchen. Vignalta herbed sea salt lends unequivocal Mediterranean character to your cooking, and once you have tried it you will want to share your discovery with friends & family.

Vignalta herbed sea salt used either while cooking or as a finishing salt always delivers that "the perfect pinch"...please, remember to use this herbed sea salt sparingly! Vignalta herbed seasoned sea salt...a must-have pantry staple!