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atimanel i sardines with olive oil and lemon from portugal 34553688948968 842xATI MANEL TINNED FISH

We spent a month in Portugal this past September.  It was amazing - the people were friendly, the sights were astounding, and the food was really, really good!   

We admired very much the bounty of seafood that is offered up practically everywhere, and at the specialty bodegas in Porto and Lisbon that were 100% dedicated to selling tinned fish.   These weren't just in touristed areas, rather they were shops that locals shopped at as well! The Portuguese have been loving tinned fish and seafood forever.

We've been bringing in tinned fish from José Gourmet for quite a while, and just discovered a new line to complement them - from Ati Manel.    Like José Gourmet, Ati Manel products are fair trade and only pack the best quality fish and shellfish available.   

Perhaps it's because they are a relatively new brand, they are priced lower than their José Gourmet counterparts. 

These fabulous products are fished in the Atlantic, landed in Matosinhos, near Porto, and immediately canned on the spot and by hand. Packed in a cardboard box with a deliciously old-fashioned and very Portuguese design. The guarantee of a great culinary experience!