Argy Cab for Best Price in USA

How About an Argentine Cabernet Sauvignon for the Best Price in USA?!?!

Filosur Cabernet Sauvignon, Mendoza 2013 is a great Tuesday night Cabernet, perfect for impromptu dinners, pot lucks, or any casual, easygoing use.

Filosur is Andeluna's new value-impressive label that features the region's finest grape varieties. The Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec grapes for these new Filosur releases are grown in Andeluna's vineyards in Villa Atuel, in the San Rafael Valley of Mendoza – at more than 2300 feet above sea level.

Owing to the wide temperature range between day and night, and generous sun exposure, the region's grapes show intense colors and offer great aromatic expression. The vineyards are carefully managed with a precisely accurate drip-irrigation system. Canopy management curtails yields – encouraging highly pigmented wines with palates of concentrated fruit – and favors small clusters that result in aromatic profiles that are as pronounced as they are truely representative of the grape variety.

Intense red fruit aromas. Velvety and smooth on the palate. Great, fruit laden finish with a hint of vanilla, dulce de leche & chocolate. This Argentine Cabernet Sauvignon is a worthy complement to steak, roast beef, duck, grilled lamb, hamburgers, and other hearty fare.

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