Wine Clubs


Start Enjoying A Unique Wine Experience Every Month

Farmstead has many wine clubs, each one tailored to your specific wine interests.  All of our wine clubs have the same great benefits:

  1. significant discounts off Club Wines and many other wines in the shops
  2. detailed notes on each wine selection
  3. our unflagging admiration and gratitude for supporting a family-owned and independent shop.

Each month we'll send you an informative email that includes descriptions of that month's wine(s). Either come down to the shop of your choice and pick up your wines or we can ship the wines to your doorstep.

We ask for at least a four-month commitment to any of our clubs, and you are in a club until you quit. That's all there is to it!

Wine Club Terms of Service.

Here's a breakdown of our clubs:

 Bargain Club

Six wines per month (generally four red and two white, all red option is available) from around the world, priced from $8-21 each.

These are wines that over-deliver, that are perfect for everyday drinking, using in recipes, whatever, whenever.

$60-100 / Month

 Burgundy Club

One bottle per month.

Pinot Noir from its birthplace. Earthy French wines of great provenance and quality.

$45-130 / Month

Classic Club

Two to Four Bottles priced in the $20 range (generally $21-35 each bottle) from great wine-producing regions and winemakers around the world.

Perfect for people who are discovering wine, or who want to sample different styles of wine every month.

$45-120 / Month

Case Club

Our Bargain and Classic Clubs allocations each month, plus two additional hand-selected wines.

The ultimate!.

$180 - 250 / Month

French Club

One to Three Bottles per month.

Clos des Papes, Vieux Donjon, Mordorée, Cuilleron - the best French wines available (or occasionally their global counterparts), with an emphasis on Bordeaux, Châteauneufs & Rhônes.

$50 - 100 / Month

 High End Red Club

One Bottle per month.

Highly allocated red wines from the best producers on the planet.

$75 - 150 / Month

Italian Club

One to Three Bottles per month.

There are 20 recognized wine regions in Italy, making wines from over 1500 varietals! Discover and rediscover the glories of Italian wines.

Mamma Mia!

$45 - 90 / Month

Pinot Noir Club

One bottle per month.

Highly allocated pinots from France, California, Oregon and other wine regions.

$35 - 100 / Month

Red Wine Club

Great red wines from around the world, with an emphasis on wonderful boutique bottlings from California.

 $45 - 90 / Month

Rosé Club

One to three bottles per month.

Great rosé wine from around the world. We drink rosé all year round here at Farmstead, so this club is designed to show you how versatile Pink Wines can be!

 $30 - 70 / Month

Spanish Club

One to Three Bottles per month.

Designed to expose you to the great depth and breadth of wine making in Spain and Portugal.

$45 - 75 / Month

Sparkling Wine Club

One to Three Bottles per month.

Designed to showcase great bubbly from around the world with an emphasis on Champagne!

 $45 - 125 / Month

White Wine Club

One to Three Bottles per month.

Designed to expose the great depth and breadth of white winemaking, with an emphasis on cool-climate Chardonnays.

$45 - 100 / Month

A Wine Club Membership

Makes a Great Gift

Any Occasion, Any Time of the Year

Organic / Good Practices Wine Club

One to Three Bottles per month.

Focuses on organic, natural, biodynamic, and sustainably farmed wines from around the world.

$30 - 60 / Month

A Wine Club Membership

Is a Great Way To Experience the World of Wine.

Give Yourself and/or Give Someone Special a Gift of a Wine Club Membership.